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About Us

Meet Whitney 

Hi, I'm Whitney.

Whitney here with Trumpeting Color. I was so excited to join my dear friend, Andrea, owner of Trumpeting Color.

You will find me 9-5 working for the State of Iowa. But in 2018, I believe I was called to do more. When the opportunity arose for me to join some amazing, positive women working with skin care and make-up, I jumped on it. What I didn’t realize, is I needed this change in my own perspective. I was searching for positive people. And later learned, they needed me too.

When I learned the meaning behind Trumpeting Color I was hooked! Then I became Color Certified with Andrea in 2021. Connection and comradery is my jam—the female elephants (fellow sisters) all herd around a distressed elephant to protect (serve) and then trumpet loudly when she is healed (support and confidence). That is Color Analysis, skin care and make-up. And it fills my cup! I love on people so they can feel their best inside and out!



The Color Experience


A 2 hour appointment with an in-depth understanding of your BEST colors!  We will determine your color code and you will see with your own eyes why these colors work BEST on you.  We will talk you through your POP colors, avoid colors, best jewelry, a million dollar style tip and a personalized FABULOUS makeup makeover!  You will leave with resources to create a capsule wardrobe, your color code deck for shopping in your colors, and a link to your color code digitally!

In-person or Virtual


Maximum 3 people per appointment

Mini Color Analysis


A brief 30-minute (per person) appointment to share with friends and family to find your BEST colors!


You will leave knowing your Color Code, be treated to a great cheek and lip color best suited for you and left with your color card deck for all your shopping needs.

In-Person or Virtual

Minimum 4 people per appointment.


Whitney Sibley_LeAnn_Testimonial_1_edite





And I have to say I feel so beautiful today. Wore an outfit from my winter color collection (last year but still looks good) and my makeup color. Love that I did this with you. Has boosted my confidence so much.

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