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About Us
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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I believe when a woman falls in love with her external appearance and her own reflection in the mirror she is dramatically impacted internally.  That internal confidence allows her to live more authentically and powerfully.  We all know the value of receiving a compliment when we are having a good hair day, a good face day, or we are turning heads by the outfit we have on.  Those compliments give us a boost for that moment, or maybe even "make our day"!  


For twenty five years I've been teaching customized skin care and makeup application techniques.  I love empowering women to create a fabulous complexion and a makeup look that enhances their inner beauty.  Now, with a "Color Experience"  we will level-up your confidence by finding out your "Color Code" to create the perfect wardrobe to wear and the perfect shades of makeup to compliment!


I joined Trumpeting Color because it is a natural extension of what I've been doing, and now gives me a greater ability to impact women's lives. Confidence, belief, belonging, sisterhood, empowerment, and hope - that's what drives me!  Women, coming alongside each other to make a difference in each other's lives.  


You and I will make a difference in your life and push the "Easy" Button on these decisions:

* The perfect wardrobe to empower you - check!

* Your customized makeup wardrobe - check!

* Flawless, ageless, radiant complexion - check!


I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!



Mini Color Analysis

A brief 30-minute appointment to share with friends and family to find your BEST colors!


You will leave knowing your Color Code, be treated to a great cheek and lip color best suited for you and left with your color card deck for all your shopping needs.

In-Person or Virtual

Minimum 4 people per appointment.

The Fabulous Face

A 1 hour appointment covering your face shape, hairstyle recommendations, eyewear recommendations and complete personalized skin care and color recommendations.  

In-Person or Virtual

The Color Experience


A 2 hour appointment with an in-depth understanding of your BEST colors!  We will determine your color code and you will see with your own eyes why these colors work BEST on you.  We will talk you through your POP colors, avoid colors, best jewelry, a million dollar style tip and a personalized FABULOUS makeup makeover!  You will leave with resources to create a capsule wardrobe, your color code deck for shopping in your colors, and a link to your color code digitally!

In-person or Virtual


Maximum 3 people per appointment

My  Services

Color Resources

Digital Color Collections

Get instant access to your BEST 36 colors with the Digital Color Collection! 


Identify your colors quickly and easily with high-definition, digital color fabric photos for your Warm color code. Includes current trend colors, too!

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