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Join the Trumpeting Color Team

Want to join us in guiding women to beauty, freedom, and a more colorful world?

At Trumpeting Color, we specialize in offering personalized color and style analysis appointments to women all across the United States, whether through in-person consultations or virtual sessions. If you have a passion for helping women feel more confident in their appearance, we'd love to hear from you about potentially becoming a consultant!

You could consult on appointments such as...

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Color Analysis

During a color analysis, you'll collaborate with clients to identify their most flattering colors based on their skin tone, eye color, and hair shade. Using drapes, you'll help determine your best colors. 


Fabulous Face

During a Fabulous Face appointment, you'll discuss the client's face shape, hairstyle, eyewear suggestions, and skincare recommendations.


Style Analysis

During a style analysis appointment, you'll guide clients in understanding the essentials of ideal dressing. You'll do this by identifying their body silhouette and defining their individual style personality.


Closet Audit

During a Closet Audit appointment, you'll assist clients in decluttering their wardrobe. You can do this by either curating a capsule collection, getting rid of clothing that don't fit/ are dated, or creating outfits using only their best colors. 

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