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Meet Cheryle

Hi, I'm Cheryle.

Each person has a story, and most would agree that every story is different. In the same way, each person has a different appearance that warrants a unique color code. I like to call it their "Color Story", and here's a glimpse into mine. 


As a mother of five, our family was blessed with a combined 56 years of Dance, 18 years of Color guard, 10 years of coaching Color guard, and 30+ school dances and proms. With all of the costumes, suits, tuxes, dresses, make-up, recitals and competitions, would it surprise that finding the right color combination of clothing and cosmetics was significant to our lives? Add to that, over 25 years as a skin care professional and you can see how the Deal family had a significant and long tenured Color Story.


Yet with all of that experience, it wasn't until I learned about Style By Color and the Trumpeting Color Team that I really learned the connection between an individual and their unique Color Story. It's been enlightening!! This is the way that I can help individuals feel better about themselves not only pertaining to cosmetics and skin care but connecting those to their clothing decisions. Men will see the shirt/pant combo that not only looks good but looks great on them! Women can feel more confident that they are turning heads with the outfit they grabbed from the closet.


Now is the time we define your Color that is customized just for you. With my passion for empowering people to be strong and confident, we can travel down the color palette together. Are you ready to take that journey with me and create your unique Color Story?



Virtual Color Analysis

A brief online experience to find your BEST colors!


Find which colors make you look awesome and discover your Color Code. We'll look at your hair color, skin tone, and the color of your eyes.

When you're done, you'll get your Color Code and learn about the colors that make you shine, and the ones that don't.

The Color Experience


A 2 hour appointment with an in-depth understanding of your BEST colors!  We will determine your color code and you will see with your own eyes why these colors work BEST on you.  We will talk you through your POP colors, avoid colors, best jewelry, a million dollar style tip and a personalized FABULOUS makeup makeover!  You will leave with resources to create a capsule wardrobe, your color code deck for shopping in your colors, and a link to your color code digitally!

In-person or Virtual


Maximum 3 people per appointment

My  Services

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