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for the everyday woman

Welcome to Trumpeting Color! We're a team of dedicated women on a mission to simplify life through color and style! If you are anything like us, sometimes you just want a friend to guide you to your best look on a Monday. So we come alongside you to enhance your style, define your best colors and leave you feeling seen and heard. 

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What is a color analysis?

Color analysis, also known as personal color analysis or color consulting, is a process used to determine which colors of clothing, makeup, and accessories best complement an individual's natural coloring. The analysis takes into account factors such as skin tone, eye color, and hair color to identify the most flattering hues for that person.

What is a style analysis?

Style analysis, also referred to as personal style analysis is a process aimed at understanding an individual's unique fashion preferences, personality, lifestyle, and body type to help them develop a cohesive and personalized sense of style. The goal of style analysis is to identify clothing, accessories, and overall looks that best express who the person is while also considering practicality and comfort.

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Meet  the Founder

Hi! I'm Andrea Mead, owner of Trumpeting Color! After spending five years in corporate management, I was tired of the rat race so I took a step of faith and decided to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. I’ve never looked back. For the last 18 years, I’ve owned my own business teaching skincare, make-up, and leadership. You can find me sharing beauty and skincare tips, fashion finds, leadership ideas, and funny memes on the regular!


In 2020, I “had my colors done” – I was ready to understand what colors looked best on me (and which ones didn’t). I walked away from that appointment with much more than a handful of swatches. I was inspired by the way the “right” colors made me feel and intrigued by the science behind color analysis. So, in 2021, I became certified as a personal color analyst and I get to offer women (and men) the confidence that comes when you know you look your best.


I am passionate about guiding and supporting women in their pursuit of beauty, freedom, and a more colorful world. This passion was the inspiration for the name “Trumpeting Color”.

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Trumpeting Color Story

Elephant herds in the wild are primarily female. When one of their sisters' struggles, they all circle up around her – trunks facing outward – to protect her from would-be predators. When their sister has recovered, they raise their trunks and trumpet to celebrate her renewal.

This picture of sisterhood is so symbolic to us – as women, we have the opportunity to circle up around our sisters, lending our strength to their transformation.


Color analysis is more than just a job to us: it’s bringing women together, circling up, and celebrating the transformation in each of us – it’s truly life-changing.



Jodi Long



“Talk about an EXPERIENCE! Getting my color analysis by Andrea was transformational. And I'm not being dramatic. Learning your color code is so much more than just color swatches! Andrea was warm, inviting, and an expert in helping her clients see, believe, and understand the power of color analysis. I left with a new found clothing and accessories confidence and ready to shop! I highly recommend this experience and I have already recommended Andrea to family and friends!


Megan Jaques



“My whole life I've struggled to figure out which colors looked best on me.  I don't love attention and, for that reason, I tended to wear darker, more muted colors in order to 'blend in'.  By the time I found Trumpeting Color, my wardrobe was primarily comprised of navy blue, black, and burgundy with one or two goldenrod pieces thrown in for variety.  I distinctly remember walking through stores wishing I 'could' wear brighter colors but someone somewhere had told me that I couldn't and, for no reason other than they seemed to be more confident in their evaluation of my appearance than I was, I believed them. 


Then I found Andrea.  


She exudes kindness and confidence and she seemed to have an inherent knowledge of what colors looked the best on her - she always looked, well, stunning.  When she told me about color analysis I was intrigued and couldn't wait for our session.  The whole session took about an hour but what I learned will last a lifetime.  Turns out, the colors I had gravitated toward were the exact opposite of the colors that looked the best on me!   Andrea took the time to show me why certain colors looked better than others and explained all the technical aspects of color that I had never even considered.  I'm slowly adding and subtracting pieces from my wardrobe and I can shop with confidence! 


Book your session.  Schedule it immediately.  You. Will. Love. it.“

Tricia Rivas

Tricia Rivas


“My mom and I had the most amazing experience with Andrea and her daughter discovering what our colors are! We appreciated how Andrea took the time to explain the process and  gave us additional resources to help when we shop. That same day my mom and I took a trip to some of our local boutiques to get some new items in our colors.“

Sara Jacobson

Sara Jacobson



"I have always been interested in fashion and coordinating colors for my outfits so I was really intrigued to find out what my best colors were. I went into my session thinking I knew what some of my best colors were but I was blown away by the multitude of colors that I had been missing out on plus how certain shades of a color look against my skin. The colors I thought were right, were actually a little off! Seeing the drapes against my skin was pretty mind blowing. I was also looking for some makeup looks that I could do that would complement my color and was very impressed with how Andrea helped me select some palettes and was able to keep it simple for this busy mom on the go! Andrea is so knowledgeable, passionate and kind-hearted I would absolutely recommend her to get your colors done!" 




“Our group had so much fun with Andrea! She professionally shared her makeup knowledge and color styling tips with us. Her outgoing and genuine personality made everyone feel comfortable! We loved her, and we highly recommend her to anyone interested in her services!“

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